Course: Experimental Typography
Instructor: Manasee Jog
Done at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

As part of an Experimental Typography course, we were supposed to work with the phrase, “The sea is the mother of inspiration,” she said, which got me thinking about inspiration.
Traditionally, travelling to a far off or unfamiliar place were one of the ways to gain inspiration. In today’s world, one has to churn out newer ideas on a daily basis, so where do you go looking for inspiration? The Internet. Websites and applications like Pinterest and Instagram allow the user to access the world without moving away from their own space.
So here I combined the traditional and the modern method of seeking inspiration by hand lettering the vernacular typography I found in Chickpet, an old market area in Bangalore, along with a handmade Pinterest.

Typography Mapping of Chickpet, Bangalore. 

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