Course: Impacting Public Spaces
Instructor: Amitabh Kumar
Done at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

An unusual take on the everyday pamphlet.
Public spaces are full of interesting visuals. For this project I chose to work with Pamphlets. Due to their monotonous style and content, these TO-LET pamphlets with rental information are no longer regarded as piece of public art and/or source of information but rather a piece of waste paper.
In the TO-LET series, I chose to work with one of the most overused content and replace it with instructions to create what I use pamphlets most for, i. e., create simple Origami works, while maintaining their original style.
This project served as a little social experiment where people’s reaction changed as they progressed through the pamphlet. 
Initial Layout
Trying out different combinations
Narrowing down typeface options
The chosen Origami works - Boat, Plane and Swan
Step-by-step instructions
Hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations
Final Layout
Paper Boat - Front and Back
Paper Plane - Front and Back
Paper Swan - Front and Back
Print outs - Front
Print outs - Back
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