Production, Art Direction and Styling for WoodBurns Whisky

Brief: Create 6 different set-ups for their Diwali Campaign.
Target Audience: Urban Indians over the age of 25 who are interested in trying homegrown brands.
The various elements of Diwali
Diwali is a five-day long Hindu festival celebrated across the country. 
In popular media, Diwali has always been portrayed as a family festival and one of the main activities is Lakshmi Pooja (offering prayers to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth). It was important to be mindful of people's religious sentiments and find out how urban India celebrates the the festival of lights with their friends.
Based on that, we identified certain scenarios where we can bring in WoodBurns Whisky.
Prop-hunting at Film City Road, Goregaon, Mumbai
Through this project, I learnt how to approach a popular subject and give it your own take, style glass and liquids, work with studio lighting, source on a tight budget, navigate prop shop contracts, and handle transportation of fragile items.
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